Low-cost Weather Stations

Low-cost weather stations at Universidad de O’Higgins

Weather stations are a key component of the atmospheric monitoring. One limitation to deploy dense networks is the cost of a professional station. This cost is often associated to the datalogger, which needs to be roboust when deploying in isolated and difficult-access locations. However, when thinking in easy-access locations and having a power line nearby, low-cost stations are a viable alternative.

In this project we aim to build a low-cost but realiable weather station based on open-source electronic components. The first step was made by Anibal Cerda, former UOH Electrical Civil Engineer student that designed and built a first version of the low-cost weather station (PDF in spanish).

Future steps to be addressed by UOH students include:

  • Design and build a PCB board to remove cables
  • Experiment with wireless communication (WiFi, LoRa)
  • Test solar and wind energy battery charging
Raúl Valenzuela
Raúl Valenzuela
Assistant Professor

My research interests include precipitation processes related to Atmospheric Rivers and complex terrain, forecast verification statistics, and GPS meteorology.